Two is Better than One

After photographing weddings together for a decade, we’ve learned a thing or two about great photography and great people. In fact, we’ve spent the past 8 years honing our craft and exploring the likes of Scotland, the Pacific Northwest, New York City, and of course, our beautiful home in Nashville, Tennessee, to document incredible couples! And while every session is different, we know one thing to be true:

Taking photos feels easy when your photographers have your back.

Between Jen’s attention to detail and Chris’s enthusiasm for those epic, extra-special shots, we’re about making you feel comfortable, natural, and just like you in front of the lens. We’re down to explore the mountains or hang on the couch, as long as the setting is true to you and your significant other.

As for us, we’re fueled by local breweries, chips and salsa, epic hikes, belly laughs with our son, Jack, and a few too many episodes of Parks & Rec. We love to travel, but we also find adventure at home, in living intentionally and finding joy in the small moments of life. We believe that we are all made to create, not only to consume, and love that we get to create images that document your love!



We can't wait to meet you and hear more about your story!

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